Creazioni Avant Garde

Comfort and Casual Design in Italy

Since 1997, we have been dedicated to the production and marketing of men’s and women’s clothing, covering a wide range of sizes, from standard to plus sizes. Our garments, crafted from high-quality fabrics and yarns, meet the demands of an increasingly sophisticated and discerning market. Our deep understanding of the fashion industry and the preferences of our customers keeps us in tune with the times, creating sought-after and trend-setting collections.

Thanks to our presence on social channels, we stay close to the needs of the end consumer and rely on highly qualified professionals to build our online image, overseeing advertising campaigns, creating engaging content, and implementing marketing strategies.


We have strengthened our production and updated our company by adhering to the “Industry 4.0” plan, allowing us to offer clothing items with an excellent quality-to-price ratio. Our sales channel is geared towards distribution, and we have always worked with great professionalism, providing guidance in selecting the product that best suits your needs.

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